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Delta County one of the forerunners in Broadband, even over the ski towns

It’s probably no secret that we have been huge advocators for our area receiving broadband for many years. All of our team either relies heavily on being able to work from home those late hours of the night, or depends entirely on Telecommuting. We have had many clients who’s dreams were to move to the last gorgeous, wide open, affordable place left in our great state…. Only to find our area did not have broadband, and they had to abandon their plans, only to move to a place they were not happy with, but that could sustain their needs when it came to reliable internet service. That said, it was more than exciting for us that broadband was being planned for our county a few years ago! Huge deal! Well now it’s here, done deal, and only getting better! Not only that, but our area was the front runner for many other Western Slope communities! Hard to imagine a ritzy ski area just a hop, skip and jump over Kebler is lacking the amenities we have in our county! Sadly we can say we too have been very frustrated all day with internet and phone service in that area. You finally give up after being kicked off theĀ  8th time in a few hours, and go to a high priced (super cool and trendy though!) coffee shop hoping they have better service. Having Elevate Fiber in our County opens up so many doors, not only to telecommuters that want to live in the mountains; stay at home mothers, education professionals, health professionals, job producing companies that might have bypassed the Western Slope because of outdated technologies! So here’s to that $0.45 cent cappuccino you made yourself to start your work day! Cheers to the working professionals who aren’t kept up to 2am waiting for their internet to let them back on! We did great getting that ball rolling!

Delta County opens up resources for telecommuters and broadband lovers with county wide broadband

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January 2016 Update

Our first Tidbit might be our biggest! A monumental $49M plan to create economic growth, jobs, and exciting adventures in our County!




We are very excited about proposed Broadband in this county, We will keep you updated on this exciting progress!